Real Estate Sales

Real Estate Services


Many home owners have the opportunity to sell their homes without using a real estate broker but are just not sure how to do it on their own.

Since the commission on the sale of the average home can easily exceed $15,000, it makes sense for you to try a For Sale By Owner (“FSBO”).

Our experience has been that most FSBO activity takes place within the first 30 days. Therefore we recommend that you try it for one month. If you don’t find a buyer we can then help you negotiate a lower commission fee with a real estate broker.

If you do find a buyer, we can help you through the sales process with a fee that will generally not exceed 1% of the sales price.

Greg Launhardt, Attorney at Law, will assist you in preparing the Sales Contract and related disclosures. The closing will then be turned over to a reputable title company to be completed in the same fashion as it would be had you used a real estate broker.

Your Savings: Pay 1% for our assistance or pay 5-7% to a real estate broker.

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